2020 Festivals of the Egyptian Goddesses Teachings & Consultations

Normandi Ellis is a Spiritualist minister, astrologer, and certified medium missionary through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. Her 14 published books include the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, translations from the hieroglyphs found in the Book of the Dead. She offers metaphysical development classes, clairvoyant circles and private consultations on the phone or in person. 

She is an arch-priestess of the Temple of Isis (FOI) and her mystery school of the Goddess, Per Ankh Het Seshet, offers insight into the temple workings that originated with the work of Rev. Olivia Robertson and the Fellowship of Isis. All of her programs are in preparation for ordination as a priest or priestess of the Kemetic wisdom tradition. Many of them can be taken online, with two week-long retreats.

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2020 Festivals of the Egyptian Goddesses

YEAR ONE Begins Wednesday, January 17th, 2020

FEASTS OF LIGHT: A Year of Ancient Goddesses

8pm EST

Monthly Online Workshop Live and Pre-recorded

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YEAR ONE Begins Wednesday, January 17th, 2020

FEASTS OF LIGHT: A Year of Ancient Goddesses

I'd like to spend some time with you this year. As we move throughout the months, I’ll introduce you to some of my dear spirit mothers, the ...

Event Details

8pm EST

Monthly Online Workshop Live and Pre-recorded

January 8th: The Brilliant Festival of the Lights of Neith

Celebrate Neith, the wisdom keeper and the great grandmother of all the gods and goddesses. On a dark midwinter’s night her festival invokes the return of the light. Learn divination techniques.

February 12th: The Blessing of the Fleets by Isis

The annual blessing of the fishing fleets in the Mediterranean became the basis of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Isis and the fleet of parade boats in New Orleans. Who knew it was an ancient party for the goddess Isis?

March 12th: The Feast of the Hand of God (Iuaauset)

The breathy vocalized name of the first primordial goddess of ecstasy offers insights into fertile spring planting and farming rituals, the planting of the seeds and the garden of earthly delights.

April 9th: The Great Festival of Bast at Bubastis

Spring time frolicking of the cat goddess is part of the festival that celebrates the body through dancing, feasting, loving relationships, mothering friendships and even some trickster eergies.

May 11th: The Hierogamos of Hathor and Horus

The writing of love poetry, the celebrations of the May Queen, the sacred marriage is all a part of the integration of the masculine and the feminine.  The sensual, loving, beautiful Hathor is everyone's Homecoming Queen.

June 10th: Festivals of Nekhbet and Mut

Because there are only 3 seasons to an ancient Egyptian year, this festival honors the harvest goddess, the vulture goddess Mut. In the harsh climate of Egypt, the vulture combines the energies of devouring the dead and laying the egg of future life. 

July 8th: Opening of the New Year and the Rise of Sothis

The Egyptian new year falls in midsummer celebrating the rise of the star Sirius (Sothis or Isis) in Leo which marked the coming of the Nile’s annual inundation. At this time all time and all life began anew through the rebirth of the 5 sacred children: Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis and Nephthys. 

August 12th: The Inebriety of Hathor/Sekhmet

The story of the blood passion of Sekhmet and her appeasement through the drinking of beer laced with a magical potion represent the blood mysteries of women and the states of maidenhood, motherhood and wise crone. 

September 9th: Seven Hathors - Celebrate Hathor's Birthday

The seven Hathors are handmaidens of the goddess Hathor, rather akin to the seven fairy godmothers who grant good wishes for the newborn. All healing, dreams and envisionings welcomed!

October 7th: Feast Day of Ma'at

Through Ma’at, the foundation of every temple and the plinth upon which every god stands, we learn to speak truth with compassion and purity. She teaches us nature’s inalterable laws of the cosmos.

November 11th: The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys

The month-long lamentations of the sister goddesses for their brother Osiris show how we mourn, survive loss, remember and eventually find the place where we truly belong.

December 9th: Night of the Mothers Nut & Isis and the Birth of the Holy Child

The winter solstice which celebrated the sky goddess was the precursor to the Christmas story. The holy child, whether Horus, or Ra or Jesus celebrates the return of the son/sun of the goddess who was the light of the world.