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March 18-31, 2020  - Wisdom of the Neteru: A Egyptian Mysteries Pilgrimage 

with Indigo Zahra and Normandi Ellis

Enter into the Egyptian Mysteries with Normandi and Indigo. We will work with the hieroglyphs, neteru, and temples and monuments of Egypt to learn about the mythos of the ancients in order to gain deeper understanding our own personal mythos and how our every choice co-creates our collective future. Sponsored by the Mysteries of Egypt.

March 20-April 2, 2021  - Zep Tepi" An Opening into Time

with A. Auset Rohn and Normandi Ellis

Follow along the River Nile with Normandi and Auset as we enter into a 10,000 year old mystery of the origin of Egyptian magic and mystery. The Nile originates in two steams--the Blue and White Niles, the desert and the delta, heaven and earth, Atlantis and the stars, the Deep Past and the Future of our Planet. Sponsored by Two Ladies Travel Co. 

Our itineraries in Egypt are an evolving process as we target the thematic powers of the temples, the strengths of the teachers and the availability of the sites and travel dates. It often includes:

  • Giza Plateau, including the Sphinx and Great Pyramid
  • Saqqara Plateau and Step Pyramid Complex 
  • Temple of Khnum at Elephantine Island
  • Temple of Isis at Philae 
  • Temple of Sobek and Horus at Kom Ombo 
  • Temple of Horus at Edfu
  • Karnak (Temple of Amen Ra) and Luxor Temple (Temple of Man)
  • Temple of Hathor at Dendera
  • Temple of Osiris at Abydos 
  • Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple at Deir el Bahari
  • Valley of the Kings / Valley of the Queens 

* These sites may change as others become available. That’s part of the magic.

Our Sacred Pilgrimages to Egypt Include:

  • Deluxe Accommodations at the Pyramids and throughout Egypt 
  • Many nights aboard our private dahabeya as we sail the River Nile to visit temples along the way.
  • Most gratuities and tips for items included in itinerary (boat crew and guides not included) 
  • All sight-seeing in the itinerary, including entrance fees. 
  • Egyptian Mysteries teachings and initiations from Normandi.
  • Special private visits to two or more monuments, including the Sphinx and the Temple at Philae.
  • All tour-related transportation from when you arrive at the Cairo International Airport until you head home again.
  • Opportunities to visit local markets and meet the kind Egyptian people. 
  • Breakfast daily and most lunches and dinners

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A. Auset Rohn

K. Indigo Rønlov

Normandi Ellis


Auset  is an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, clairvoyant-medium, harpist, spiritual coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Oracle who leads others on a journey back to themselves through the magic that is Egypt, the body and intuition. Her courses are taught in alignment with the Egyptian Pantheon to help you find clarity, open your intuition and re-ignite your passion for life. They are deeply alchemical and powerful in their practicality. You can find out more about her upcoming courses and how to work with her one-on-one at http://www.thegoddessinside.com/ and her music at http://www.thelittleharpist.com/.

Auset is also an accomplished and recognized photographer, you can see the way she sees the world at http://www.ausetimages.com/

Normandi Ellis

K. Indigo Rønlov

Normandi Ellis


Normandi is an Arch-priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, a clairvoyant Spiritualist minister and an internationally known teacher. She is the author of 14 books, most notably the spiritual classic Awakening Osiris, based on the hieroglyphic text of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. For over 25 years Awakening Osiris has been a touchstone of the spiritual tourist through Egypt and was described as an essential text for the spiritual pilgrim. Her latest book Hieroglyphic Words of Power will be published in May 2020.

A sought after teacher of the mysteries, she also received advanced degrees and accolades for her creative work and journalism. She is the recipient of writing fellowships, including those from The Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Kentucky and Colorado Arts councils.

She is a Spiritualist minister and certified medium missionary through the Indiana of Spiritualists. She trains priestesses of Isis, teaches metaphysical and creative writing classes, offers astrological and clairvoyant readings, clairvoyant circles and private consultations. 

K. Indigo Rønlov

K. Indigo Rønlov

K. Indigo Rønlov


Indigo received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University, is a member of the lineage of Thoth held by Nicki Scully, and is a Minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies. Indigo is a student, practitioner, and teacher of the comprehensive healing art form, Alchemical Healing as well as Egyptian Alchemy. Additionally, she brings deep shamanic experience, herbal studies, reiki, past life regression, and more to her medicine bag. It is Indigo's intention to live life in service to the health of our planet and all who reside here, and in this she has discovered something quite profound and rewarding.

Though her non-profit, Zahra Handworks Foundation, a 501(c)(3), she is dedicated to sharing the value of handwork, especially when creating from reclaimed and recycled materials. Indigo’s work with Zahra has already made a difference for those with whom she has shared in Egypt. Zahra not only helps to address the excess plastic waste in Egypt, it also provides economic self support and pride in the women whom she has taught the handwork skills required.

K. Indigo Rønlov